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A few things about me


Coding is like expressing yourself using an IT world language. You can do anything with it. A code is a part of you.

IT Development is my ultimate passion. I feel the need to improve constantly my abilities and my knowledge of new technologies.


Outcast was the game that pushed me to jump into the world of video games production.
Little Big Adventure was the game that taught me patience, and respect for the authors of these games.
The Legend of Zelda saga is the game series that I will always carry in my heart for what it brings: a story, an adventure and epicness


I have had a passion for transmitting knowledge since I first taught at university in a support course. I teach programming at a video game school in Montreal : ISART Digital.

I’m teaching Game Programming

Programming can be taught in several ways. I teach through projects. Each project has a basis that is delivered. After that, students can learn quickly by working on group projects. They learn the concepts of deadlines and project objectives. They learn perseverance and patience. And above all, they learn to learn.

Anyone can teach. As soon as we transmit information, we become teachers ourselves. But the difference between good and bad teaching can be determined by the way it is transmitted.

As a teacher, I feel that I have to teach more than just information. I need to teach self-respect and respect of others. I need to teach hindsight to get the big picture.

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